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Here are the latest 2015 VaporFi coupon codes to save you some nice money on all your future purchases!


Vaporfi Coupon Codes and Deals – August 2015


Vaporfi 10% Coupon and Free Shipping

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Vaping devices are wonderful gifts for birthdays, Christmas, New Year’s, and any other holiday season you can think of. Classy models not only wow the newly converted vaper but also perform that important function of enabling smokers to quit cigs and start vaping. As gifts go, providing an alternative to cigarettes is pretty special. VaporFi has some attractive products to offer from their online and brick-and-mortar locations.

A VaporFi Review

This e cig company with 16 stores in Florida, several coming in Ohio, and shops in several other states currently advertises a coupon for $10 off your purchase plus free shipping using a code on their website. That’s a good deal. Stores also exist in Jamaica, South Carolina, Missouri, Wyoming, Illinois, and North Carolina. Walk in and pick up the device you want without waiting for a parcel to arrive in the mail.

VaporFi carries starter kits for several models: the Express, Pro (with three kits), Air, Pulse, Rocket, Rebel (I and II), Vox 50 Mod, and Orbit herbal vaporizer. They also carry batteries and atomizer heads for their discontinued triangular Jet e cig. For every type of e cig and mod there is a compatible tank or several possible tanks and clearomizers, plus the Bolt RDA for their Vox 50.


Clearing Up Any Uncertainty

I was not sure at first what differentiated the Rebel I from its sequel, but VaporFi clears that up easily. Compare the two items closely and you see the first provides voltage variation but not variable wattage as the Rebell II does. Battery power for the RII is also higher: 2800 mAh and 750 mAh instead of 600 mAh and 2200 mAh. The dual coil Rebel tank for version I has a resistance of 1.6 ohms but version two is rated 2.5 ohms. VaporFi added 1 ml to the tank’s capacity as well (4 ml as opposed to 3).

If you confuse the Rebel and the Rocket, here are the two big differences: the Rebel is a tube into which one inserts a battery and the device is telescopic to accommodate two battery sizes. The Rocket is a variable voltage spinner-style battery rated 1600 mAh while the Rebel is controlled by button.

VaporFi Express e cigExpress Vaporizers: New Vaper’s Tool

The kit for these cigalike-style e cigs comes with two battery sizes but not with any cartomizers.

Attach a pre-filled cartridge (sold in packs of five for $14.99 with 5 available flavors), a blank cartridge, or a clearomizer and fill with e juice.

The $30 kit also contains a USB charger and a wall adapter.

Three Pro Kits

VaporFi offers three of these: a black one, Colors, and the Platinum series. Of the three, VaporFi’s last one is top-heavy, containing a platinum Pro battery with a large Platinum tank, the size of which goes beyond the width of the cell. Regular Pro clearomizers resemble Kanger Evod clearomizers with sleeves and viewing windows.

Intermediate Pulse

One of the most charismatic devices on the VaporFi menu is their Pulse because of the circular wireless charger it comes with. A screen shows your puff count and battery charge. While the Rocket and Rebel are variable and the Pulse is unregulated, they do not benefit from that beautiful charger.

VOX IIAdvanced Vaping with the Vox II

When box mods became hot property VaporFi caught on, the way they did with the Orbit herbal vaporizer.

It was not long before vapers could choose this sleek, curvy stainless steel variable wattage mod in preference to boxier models.

An OLED screen shows all the important numbers: volts, watts, ohms, and battery charge. Vapers use three buttons to turn this unit on and off and to set power up or down.

The vented case prevents overheating, but a chip inside the device also protects against common problems that could cause expensive malfunction such as reverse battery, short circuit, and low or high voltage.

Orbit Herbal Vaporizer

The one thing I don’t like about this device is that it isn’t original. VaporFi really jumped on the bandwagon to release a product which looks like so many others. What you must realize is that while the outside is identical to that of several other models, internal portions aren’t always the same. VaporFi has a great reputation so let that give you comfort when you compare several one-button, one-piece herbal vaporizers of a similar price. VaporFi won’t let you down and neither will their user-friendly portable product. Lightly tamp herbs into its large chamber, about 3/4s of the way, and press the button. You can select from three temperatures: a light will change color to indicate when a temperature has been reached.

Vaporfi e liquidsE Juice at VaporFi

With almost 60 pre-existing flavors and more being added, VaporFi already provides excellent selection. They don’t seem to think 60 or so flavors provide adequate selection, however, choosing to offer a customizable e juice program as well for the same price. Pay $14.99 for 30 ml of juice made in an FDA-regulated tobacco manufacturing lab from FDA-approved formulae. Their GRAS-approved flavorings are better than food-grade, vegetable glycerin is extracted from top rated Malaysian Palm, they use only kosher bases, and operation standards are cGMP-certified.

Here is how custom e juice orders work. You decide to order 1, 2, or 3 flavors for blending. If you select one or two, choose single or double flavor shots. Nicotine values climb from 0 to 3.6%. Flavors to consider include Simply Shisha, American Red, and Heavenly Clove in the tobacco section. Choose Peppermint Party, Totally Toffee, or Grape Escape. Double Espresso and White Tea provide some more options. You could blend American Red with Totally Toffee; White Tea with Grape. There are thousands of variations.


The VaporFi Package

Add to all of these major products the fact that VaporFi also supplies tanks, atomizer heads, o-rings, and other parts which are essential to long term vaping enjoyment and success. They don’t just carry your basic vaping needs, leaving you to find your rebuildable atomizer or chargers from a general supplier. You can rely on VaporFi to continually update and upgrade their products too: customer suggestions carry weight with the company.

Atomizers For Specific Tanks

Once you start using VaporFi products, here is some great news (besides the fact that this is an excellent company to do business with): they don’t leave you high and dry when you need accessories. Their website is beautifully organized to show items according to the item you need and even breaks their lists down according to the model you are using and plan to rebuild. Most VaporFi tank and clearomizer atomizer heads are replaceable.

Atomizers and Tanks

VaporFi carries several rebuildable tanks with adjustable airflow, glass tubes, and low-resistance dual coil formats. They include the Titan and Titanium as well as an RDA known as the Bolt which was developed by VaporFi for their Vox 50 Variable Wattage mod.

Pro atomizerAtomizer Replacement Heads

Here you see the first item belongs to an obsolete product: the Jet. VaporFi doesn’t let you down if you own a version of this tank and battery they have since stopped making. Pick up a 5-pack for $19.99 and make it last until the thing falls apart or the cell runs out of juice.

All atomizer heads come in packs of 5. The Premium costs $14.99, as does a pack compatible with the Pro-L and Platinum tanks. Pro-XL atomizer heads also cost $14.99. Choose heads for the Titanium and Rocket tanks, priced $19.99. There are no replacements for the Air: you just buy a new clearomizer for $7.99 every time you start to notice dry hits.

Atomizer heads for the Rebel cost $24.99 for 5 and only work with that single model. Then there is the Bolt: $49.99 for the RDA with 4 O-rings, 10 feet of 30-g Kanthal wire, a screw driver, screws, a drip tip, and a 510 copper connector. Packages containing three post screws, the O-rings, and screw driver are available for pre-sale in limited quantities at the low price of $1.99. This is an advanced model; a dripping atomizer. Only really experienced vapers should purchase the Vox 50 and its compatible Bolt RDA.

Details on When to Replace Heads

How long are atomizer heads likely to last? That depends on how much vaping you do. Video tutorials on the VaporFi website show you how to replace them for each tank or the Bolt at which time the narrator indicates how long you can expect heads to last. He often says 1 to 3 weeks. His tutorials are very easy to follow and VaporFi made their products user-friendly.

Atomizer Resistance

Premium atomizers are rated 2.5 ohms. The Pro-XL comes in three sizes: 1.8 to 2.0, 2.1 to 2.3, and 2.4 to 2.6. Pro-L and Platinum heads are similar, but the Titan atomizer is set for 1.8 ohms.

Intermediate level atomizers usually feature higher resistance as most new or mid-level vapers are not too worried about making the biggest clouds. Their batteries are rated for voltage that can only handle so much heat, while low resistance raises the temperature of your vapor. As a result, the top resistance could be just under 3 ohms but only as low as 1.8 ohms. With the Bolt and dual coil tank systems, there is the option to wrap coils to under 1 ohm because of higher wattage capability. But you must be experienced if you are going to use such low values. There is the risk of low ohms causing damage to the atomizer and ruining the entire device.

A List Of VaporFi TanksVaporFi doesn’t just make hardware like their excellent Pro series of batteries and the Rebel. They also make tanks compatible with their devices. Some work with multiple batteries and can also be used with batteries made by other manufacturers (and vice versa). This article will describe VaporFi tanks and clearomizers in brief. For every rebuildable product on this list, VaporFi also carries replacement atomizer heads.

The List

Here are the names you will see on the VaporFi website. The most expensive is a Titanium Tank at $54.99, followed by the Rocket costing $39.99. The Platinum is $24.99. Titan, Pro XL, Pro L, Clear Clearo, and Air tanks cost between $7.99 and $19.99.

More Detail

The Platinum tank holds 2.5 ml of liquid. It comes with a collar and two atomizer heads rated between 1.8 ohms and 2.8 ohms. This is a bottom coil tank that works with the Pulse, Pro, and Rebel e cigs.

A Rocket tank has adjustable airflow provided by a separate collar that rotates, revealing airflow holes you can cover or release to change draw resistance. At 2.5 ml, it has the same capacity as a Platinum tank but with 1.8-ohm resistance. The tank is made of glass with a sleeve and uses a bottom coil. Attach it to the Rocket, Rebel, Pro, or Pulse.

A Titanium tank for use with Rebel and Pro Variable batteries comes with a mouthpiece, glass tube, stainless steel tube, and collar. It also offers airflow adjustment and is the biggest of all VaporFi tanks so far: 3.5 ml. It is huge and uses a dual coil atomizer for wrapping coils to very low resistance.

The Titan is only slightly smaller at 3 ml, also with a dual head atomizer and compatible with the Pulse, Pro, and Rebel.

The Premium Tank holds 2.5 ml. Although it is as big as several other more expensive tanks above, VaporFi chose this tank (for Pro and Pulse batteries) as their more affordable option. Instead of glass they used a polycarbonate tank with high resistance: 2.5 ohms. You can’t replace this head either so it is a disposable top coil clearomizer you can use for 1 to 3 weeks depending on how heavily you vape.

The Pro and Pro XL clearomizers, like an Air clearomizer, are obviously made for the batteries they are named for. An Air clearomizer is unlike anything else on the VaporFi menu except its proprietary battery. Both are skinny ellipses which would look out of place attached to almost anything else.

Polycarbonate vs. Glass

The list above contains several glass tubes and some plastic ones. What’s the difference between these besides price? The cheaper class of tank noted above is made from sturdy plastic which will handle some knocks. But even if dropping them doesn’t cause cracks, some juices will.

Pyrex or glass tanks are suitable for the tank-cracking liquids vape shops warn their customers about. If you are partial to a drop of citrus-style juice (lemon, lime, grapefruit, etc.), a black licorice e liquid, or a cinnamon-menthol fireball style, you should be attaching a glass tank to your battery. Also, low-resistance atomizers frequently handle the viscous liquids or do justice to them better than high-resistance coils. High-viscosity is a sign that your e juice is made with more vegetable glycerin than propylene glycol (or all-vegetable glycerin in some cases).

But with most VaporFi e liquids, any tank is fine. They don’t contain a high level of vegetable glycerin and there are loads of non-acidic flavors to choose from.

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