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January 1, 2016 Reviews


When Vaporfi got its start their selection of vaporizers was small, but the idea to grow was already there. Every so often they launched a new product; a slightly tweaked product; or added a different flavor of e juice.

Before long they were taking out products that did not sell but replacing them with high-tech items and even branching out into herbal vaporizers. Today, Vaporfi carries one of the widest selections of vaping equipment of any American brand.

All the E Cigarettes

Their lineup begins with an Express; the Vaporfi version of a cigalike. Next, they have the Pro: not much harder to use than the Express but more varied with its assorted colors. Their Edge, Vice, Rocket, and Rebel are all intermediate devices with the Vox out on top as their most advanced e juice vaporizer. Add the Orbit and the Boom for alternative vaping. Many of the parts sold at Vaporfi (tanks, batteries, RDAs, coils) are interchangeable with each other and even products from other companies.

All the E Juices

I won’t list the flavors here: there are too many. Instead, let’s just touch on the concept of Vaporfi E Juice. Sure: you can buy pre-made liquid and even pre-filled cartomizers for the Express. There are also two thick e juices for sub ohm vaping with an Edge or Vox II. The most popular notion at Vaporfi, however, is to make a custom e juice. It’s a challenge to try and come up with a flavor no one else has ever thought of and that is still possible with the thousands of potential combinations out there.

Price Range

The lowest price you pay at Vaporfi for a starter kit is $29.99 and that’s for the Express set. A Vox II Mod bundle, Vaporfi’s most expensive set, is priced $199.99. Pay as little as $15.99 for a 30-ml bottle of e juice. The clearance section also introduces consumers to some excellent bargains.

Coupons and Deals

Visit the sale section for bargains and go to your account for points to be redeemed against purchases. While there, learn how to earn more points by writing reviews or referring a friend.

Use the Vaporfi website as a resource to help you locate even more savings with the Blend of the Month Club and coupon codes. Search offsite for other coupon codes posted by affiliates on their own websites or become an affiliate yourself and earn cash promoting Vaporfi.

Spotlight: the Edge Starter Kit

Vaporfi Edge Mods

This is one of the newest vaporizers at Vaporfi; a cylindrical sub-ohm unit with an 1800-mAh battery, 100W maximum output, a 7-ml tank with green O-rings for color contrast, a sleek shape, and a wide-mouth stainless steel mouthpiece. The tank manages 0.2 ohms resistance or 0.5 ohms according to the atomizer head you install.

Adjust airflow as recommended depending on the wattage you choose: small for up to 30W, the middle hole for up to 50W, and the largest hole when you are vaping at 80W. The price is $129.99 which includes a charger, charging adapter, an installed atomizer coil, one spare, replacement glass, and a drip tip plus the battery.

Spotlight: the Vice Starter Kit

vaporfi vice

This is another of Vaporfi’s new vaporizers, a little like the eGo One from JoyeTech but with a single rectangular window. Though similarly shaped to The Edge which gave you 1800 mAh, The Vice offers 2200 mAh power. It attaches to a small tank of 2.5 ml. There are two air vents for cloud chasing, two atomizer heads (1.2 ohms and 0.5 ohms), a charging set, tank, and battery in your bundle costing $99.99.

Spotlight: E Juice

Vaporfi now carries three lines of e liquid known as their standard, Reserve, and Grand Reserve collections. The first contains a 70/30 or 50/50 propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin (PG/VG) blend (thin or balanced for mid- to low-ohm atomizer coils).

Grand Reserve liquids contain 60% VG. The ratio of ingredients in Reserve e liquids is 30/70 PG/VG. Standard e juices are bottled in plastic but the other two are bottled in glass, always in an FDA-approved facility. Vaporfi E Juice is made in the United States.

Reserve flavors are Summer Lovin’ (lemon raspberry), Northern Lights (melon, berry, and guava), Moroccan Gold (vanilla tobacco with coconut), Monkey Business (creamy banana), Decadence (creamy hazelnut chocolate), and Black Velvet (cherry cola). Reserve flavors cost $19.99 for 30 ml.

In the Grand Reserve ($21.99 for 30 ml) we have Catch Ya Latte and Pineapple Pow (self-explanatory), Rainbow Custard (strawberry tangerine candy with Crème Anglaise), Meringue O Tang (doughnuts with meringue and lemon custard), Island Frost (blueberry coconut and pineapple champagne with mint and lime), plus Cloud Candy (cotton candy and gummy bear jelly).

Reviews at Vaporfi

I have always been impressed with the review policy at Vaporfi which sees a wide variety of comments from customers. They aren’t always 100% in favor of a flavor or a product. Vaporfi airs clients’ real thoughts and views, or so it seems, and they also respond to customer complaints.

That’s how you know this firm at least tries to make the business all about customers, not just having fun behind the counter and in their R&D department. That they do have fun is a given since their catalogue is fun and impressive to behold.

Service at Vaporfi

There are two ways to shop here: in person at one of their many brick-and-mortar stores or online. More dedicated shops are opening as well, so retail is spreading from Florida out to the rest of America. Online shopping is easy, but there is a shipping cost to consider.

Go to customer support if you have questions that aren’t answered on the website, if that’s even possible. Their helpful FAQ section and instructional videos give you most of the information you could possible want including details about their e liquid that many e juice makers fail to supply.

I feel confident about shopping with Vaporfi. They are transparent and available. While prices sometimes leave a bitter taste in my mouth compared with the prices of similar equipment sold by other brands, at least I know this company will answer my queries and usually turns out a solid product.

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