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January 1, 2016 Cigalikes


Many of the top names in electronic cigarettes made some minor changes to their pricing or added some new equipment, but their cigalikes didn’t really change in 2015. The biggest news in this part of the industry is perhaps that Volcano E Cigs stopped promoting the Magma in favor of more advanced devices, although it is still available as a starter kit.

Otherwise, most e cig companies have been doing the same things in their cigalike departments as they did the previous year. There isn’t much to change except to freshen design and add new flavors. Here is the top five plus some advice on how to choose a cigalike.

First Things First

When you approach the topic of best cigalikes, it’s easy to become overwhelmed: there are just so many brands of cigalikes. Many of them look the same and technically there is little or no difference. Aesthetically, there are various colors of tips including blackout tips and crystal tips. These don’t say anything about how well an e cig operates. Ignore the glitz and gimmicks.

Look instead to the number of hours an e cig will hold its charge. The average is around 2 ½ to 3 hours but a few standout models manage around 4 hours on a single charge. Remember, these are very tiny batteries and are not designed to last all day. The sole purpose of a cigalike is to transition smokers into the world of vaping by offering them a device that looks and feels much like a cigarette.

Of course flavor is always something to consider as well, especially if you are just trying out vaping and looking for something similar as an alternative to smoking.

Starter kits are sometimes good value but often loaded with gear you don’t need. Stick with a basic kit costing $50 or less.

Contents should include at least the following:

• 2 batteries
• a USB charger
• an AC adapter
• 5 cartridges

Anything extra is a bonus such as a carry case, more cartridges, or a car charging adapter. Although a new type of e cig hit the market last year — the Juul — I’ll stick with traditional types because it’s easier to compare apples to apples. Always buy brand new, brand name e cigs so you can be sure of their quality and that safety standards are being met.

South Beach Smoke

The South Beach Smoke battery is probably this industry’s best. They lose points for pricing, however, since you have to buy packs of 15 cartridges at a time (as opposed to 5 in most instances) and these are overly expensive. Their starter kits could be cheaper too, although special deals and coupon codes help to mitigate this fact.

South Beach Deluxe Kit

But that’s the same with almost every company, so once discounts are applied to every brand of e cig, South Beach Smoke will still be among the most expensive cigalikes. After South Beach Smoke introduced their High-Drain battery (a longer version of the cigarette-type device), it became clear that others would have to improve their game and many did.



V2 E-Cigs

This is one of the pioneers of the electronic cigarette industry, and they are well known for their e-cigs having a realistic experience compared to an actual tobacco cigarette. They have a very reasonably priced standard starter kit, pictured here, to get started with cigalikes.

V2 E Cig Kit

Then if you want to get a more powerful device, they have some other great options. If you are thinking of trying electronic cigarettes, we highly recommend V2.



Halo G6

The G6 cigalike provides a sturdy and modern design plus excellent performance. Halo also carries one of the industry’s best US-made e liquids, comparable with gourmet brands. A lot of other companies use Chinese e juice and their ingredients aren’t up to USP standards.

Halo G6

Since you can buy refillable cartridges at Halo, it is possible to refill with any brand of e juice and still use a cigalike. Customers really appreciate the affordable bundle with its impressive packaging. Clients also love that they only have to pick a color since there is one standard starter set for each model sold at Halo.



Smokeless Image Volt

This is the cheapest product on the market, and I don’t mean in terms of quality. Many consumers really love this cigalike.

Volt kit

Don’t let the low price worry you. Smokeless Image simply did what the other brands should have also done: dropped their prices way lower when the market was flooded with options.




One such firm is a sister company to South Beach Smoke. Eversmoke also puts out a fine product. Selection and pricing are generally similar in this department although South Beach Smoke now carries 4 vaporizers and a line of e liquids whereas Eversmoke sticks to cigalikes.

eversmoke basic starter kit

Build quality is much the same. South Beach Smoke produces 16 flavors of cigalikes, however, vs. the selection of 8 styles at Eversmoke and far fewer options overall. Both companies offer automatic and manual batteries and two sizes: standard and high-drain.


Green Smoke

I give this company a top spot because they are among those who started this revolution in the United States. Green Smoke also initiated recycling options to help promote the environmentally friendly nature of vaping and that does the image of vaping a lot of good.

Green Smoke reviews have been consistently good when you take their product for what it is, not what came later. Forget about eGos and e liquid: Green Smoke has not caved-in to trends and pressure and still makes a fine product for new vapers with one goal: find an alternative to cigarettes without ditching the physical actions of smoking.

Their strong suit is fresh e juices, seven pre-filled flavors. Batteries are at the high-end of average for performance. They can be stylish too with the designer series named and crafted to make you think of major US cities.

In the past year or so, Green Smoke dropped their prices, those being the one thing experts could really hold against them, so now the cost of a starter kit is far more competitive than it was in early 2014.

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  • Jeff August 7, 20162:32 am

    If you’re American, check out V2 or Halo as shipping from the UK takes some time.

  • Jeff August 10, 20169:34 am

    Vapourlites (UK) have a great kit for a new vaper.


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