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Sub-Ohm Box Mods

December 6, 2015 Box Mods


Yihi and Evolv are both creating highly sophisticated control boards for box mods. They allow manufacturers to dial up to higher output levels while protecting users from going too far with all that power and still enjoying big clouds from sub-ohm vaping.

Here are the top 10 sub-ohm box mods in no particular order.

1. Hana Modz V200

Evolv released their DNA 200 PCB recently and the Hana Modz was duly upgraded. Its top limit is now 200 watts adjustable in 0.1W increments. Atomizers can be built to a low of 0.1 ohms. You need to be using temperature-sensitive coils if you want the DNA 200 chip to accept your coil build though. Three batteries are replaced by a single 950-mAh cell, the 11.1-volt 3s battery. There is a USB port built in for convenient recharging. Hana Modz moved the screen to one side so all controls share space, cleaning up the face completely. US manufacturers of Hana Modz chose 6061 Billet Aluminum to make vapers a hard-wearing mod in several fashionable colors.

2. SMOK Treebox

SMOK’s beautiful new Zebrawood box mod could be the most attractive mod on the planet right now. It is a 75W device with temperature control (TC) which works hard to regulate resistance and keep it consistent. An internal control chip reads ohms once per 250 microseconds or 4,000 times each second.

SMOK Treebox

In TC mode, vapers can operate at a temperature between 200 and 600ºF to reach a low of 0.06 ohms using Ni200 coils. Control buttons have been heavily tested for wear resistance, so SMOK can be confident about selling one of the highest-quality, most durable items vapers can buy.

3. Lost Vape EFusion DNA 200

Pretty much everything that the Hana Modz contains internally is present in the Lost Vape EFusion 200W mod because they both contain the Evolv DNA200 chip. Reach 0.1 ohms if temperature-sensitive coils are installed. Kanthal wire lets you go to 0.2 ohms in wattage mode. Lost Vape forms their mod’s frame from the same high-end aluminum as Hana Modz uses but with more choices of color. Their XT30 battery connector was chosen for maximum compatibility. In spite of its many big features, the EFusion measures only 3.35″ in length: this is one of the smallest box mods you can find.

4. Tesla 200W TC

Average resistance with a sub-ohm vaporizer usually drops to around 0.5 ohms in the hands of an expert. A lot of vapers are fine going that low and no lower both for safety and because they can buy pre-built coils for this level. Tesla’s 200W mod is compatible with a 0.08-ohm build, made safe by temperature control that stops your mod from overheating.

tesla 200w red

You will need two 18650 cells which must be removed for charging, so the mod is never connected to wires whether while vaping or charging. Strong magnets hold the battery door in place so you don’t have to undo screws to gain access and swap cells. Read a comparatively large display to see when it is time to re-charge batteries.

5. Innokin Disrupter

The Treebox is elegant and gorgeous, but Innokin’s Disrupter is funky and innovative.

Innokin Disrupter

The base comes in three neutral colors including black to which consumers add an Innocell: their exposed battery which also supplies a contrasting color, one of 6, or black for a stealthy finish. The Disrupter’s OLED screen flips so left- and right-handed people are able to view volts and watts right-side up.

6. Eleaf iStick 50W

We could favor the high watt market and talk about the 100W iStick here, but I feel the company has been most confident at the 50W level and lower.

istick 50w

Eleaf’s iStick series has been reliable, compact, and popular and it’s good for vapers to have lower-watt options when there are so many 60 to 200W box mods out there. The iStick 50W costs around $30, handles resistance as low as 0.3 ohms, and contains a 4400-mAh battery. Use it while it charges: a system known as pass-through vaping. Modest power suits most vapers and they are affordable too.

7. Aspire Pegasus

Aspire’s 70W box mod is sleek and classy: modern and clean. Instead of three buttons, it features a firing switch and a dial for changing watts.

Pegasus Mod

The Pegasus is protected against a short circuit, low resistance (0.2 ohms is the minimum), low voltage, and high temperatures. Consumers are able to vape and charge simultaneously using an on-board USB port. Aspire sells a kit called the Odyssey which contains their Pegasus mod and an Aspire Triton tank, but both items are sold separately.

8. Sigelei 75W

Rounded edges make this a comfortable device in your hand while the screen is simply gorgeous.

Sigelei 75w TCs

Sigelei’s large display is bright and easy to read. Use a tank with an RBA base or choose an RDA and wrap temperature-sensitive coils to a stunning 0.05 ohms in order to operate at up to 662F.

9. Innokin MVP Pro 60W

When the iTaste MVP 3.0 came out, it appeared Innokin was not going to pitch their products at the high-watt market. Its highest wattage was 30W, but that all changed with the iTaste MVP Pro.

iTaste MVP 3.0 PRO

Now Innokin offers the Disrupter 50W mod and MVP Pro 60W, the latter being less funky but still shiny and colorful in shades including gold and pink. Rectangular and square buttons provide a tiny change to the usual aesthetics. The battery bank is what makes this item really different: Innokin’s built-in 4500-mAh battery acts as a mobile charger for phones and other devices.

10. Pioneer4You iPV D2 TC

Another one of the most popular, economical box mods available is the iPV series.

P4Y employs the Yihi SX130H chip to control a 75-Watt mod in Wattage or Joules (TC) mode. Their limit is about 100º lower than that of the Sigelei but some people would say 572F is high enough. P4Y chose a grooved yet industrial style for their 75W mod; a shape which sets it apart as leaning towards the tubular but more box than cylinder. Install Nickel 200 or Titanium coils to get the most out of sub-ohm vaping (0.05 ohms).