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Kanger KBOX 200W

December 12, 2015 Box Mods


Another day and another Kanger vaporizer is released (or pre-released) onto the mod market. Can you believe they only recently set the Nano loose into the vaping world? The design team at Kanger is obviously keen and perhaps a little bit eager before the Christmas rush to satisfy every vaper known to man.

The Kanger KBOX MOD 200W

The name tells you plenty: this is a high-watt vaporizer all right. You can bet your pants it is not for the timid but the bold and experienced vaporizer even though Kanger’s designs are well-known for their user-friendly interface and sensible safety features.

Kanger KBOX 200W White

At 200 watts, you can do a lot of damage, but with defensive features built in and a top-class build quality, accidents are unlikely to take shape. That spells good news: you would not want to ruin this sexy little machine crafted in red, black, or white. On the red version, buttons are black; otherwise, they are red as in “hot.” While not hot to the touch, this should remind you of the power you hold in your hand in spite of how sleight it looks and feels.

Regular Screen

The Kanger KBOX 70W features a strange screen: red on black. I’m not sure how the usual set of eyes regards that harsh color contrast. I don’t like it, but perhaps a 21-year-old would say that was “sick.” The Kanger 200W KBOX, however, adopts a white-on-black screen set up that is much easier on the eyes and is fixed to the narrow side with three buttons. Press the large switch to turn on your device and choose a mode. Press the other two for raising and lowering temperature or wattage. That’s another distinction between this and the KBOX 70W which places most controls on the front, contrary to any other Kanger box mod style.

Replaceable Batteries

A lot of vapers prefer to replace their batteries. This gives them the choice of operating a mod in pass-through function or wirelessly. The 200-watt vape mod comes with a port but the batteries come out and are not, in fact, included with the product costing $65.

Temperature Control Support

Use the 200-Watt KBOX in Temperature Control mode and you have the option of vaping at 0.05-ohm resistance with a Titanium coil or Ni200. Variable Watt mode also recognizes and accepts stainless steel and Nichrome coil, but in TC mode you have to pick the right atomizer heads or rebuild with TC coil. Even though they cost more at the outset, temperature control is more efficient than variable wattage and saves you money in the long run unless you are inspired to spend more on e juice than before. Order your 200W Kanger KBOX today in time for Christmas or a New Year’s present.

More from Kanger

The KBOX MOD 70W comes with 4000 mAh of built in power. You have no choice but to plug in a coil and recharge via USB. This small unit (82-mm tall) is also affordable at around $50. Select black, red, or white. Spring-loaded 510 threading gives you many atomizer options.

A SUBOX Nano starter set is pretty in pink or lavender; slick in black. Buy this slender unit for a lady who loves to vape but dislikes all of the black and steel associated with vaporizer mods. A new Platinum 60-watt vaporizer is the antithesis of a Nano: SUS 304 stainless steel is masculine, a little aggressive, but not pretty.

Kanger’s 120-watt mod looks and behaves much like the 200-watt version but is a little less expensive ($55) and not as high powered, relatively speaking. Compared with its sister products listed above, the Kanger 120W KBOX is a powerful device, also compatible with temperature-control coils.